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USDA funds clean energy and domestic biofuels to strengthen small businesses in Kansas

TOPEKA, April 23, 2024 – In honor of Earth Week, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Director Christy Davis announces more than $5.3 million for seven clean energy projects to reduce energy bills, expand access to domestic biofuels and create jobs and new market opportunities for Kansas farmers, ranchers and businesses.

“The USDA helps expand access to clean energy and fuel options that promote energy independence and save Kansans money,” Davis said. “We are excited to partner with farms and small businesses to address energy solutions and economic growth and keep rural communities strong.”

The details of the Kansas projects are:

  • a $44,940 grant will assist with the purchase and installation of a 35-kilowatt solar panel for Flint Hills Designs LLC Newton. The project will replace an estimated 52,111 kilowatt hours per year, enough energy to power four homes.
  • a $396,305 grant will assist in the purchase and installation of a 330-kilowatt solar array for New Age Industrial Corporation Inc. out Norton. This project will save $46,597 per year and generate 446,400 kilowatt hours, enough electricity to power 41 homes.
  • a $394,440 grant will assist with the purchase and installation of a 149 kilowatt and 225 kilowatt solar panel for CNL Ranch LLC in Stanton County. This project will generate 623,061 kilowatt hours per year, enough electricity to power 57 homes.
  • a $452,500 grant will assist in the purchase and installation of various energy efficient equipment for Nesika Energy LLC Scandia. It is estimated that the project will save 1,181,689 kilowatt hours per year, enough energy to power 111 homes.
  • a $572,968 grant will assist in the purchase and installation of a 445-kilowatt solar array for White’s Kingco, Inc., a grocer in King man And Lindsborg. The project will replace an estimated 637,326 kilowatt hours per year, enough energy to power 60 homes.
  • a A $500,000 grant will help purchase and install energy efficient improvements for North Star Feeds of Atchison. North Star Feeds will replace their existing boiler with a more efficient model, insulate and shorten their water and steam pipes, install a return to save energy and water, replace existing tanks with new insulated storage tanks and replace existing truck-mounted diesel pumps with efficient electric models . The project is expected to save 850 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity, 8,692,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 17,755 gallons of diesel and 3,410 gallons of unleaded gasoline per year, representing a 73 percent reduction in energy consumption and enough energy to power more than 300 homes to supply power. The project is expected to save the company $154,886 per year in energy costs.
  • a A grant of $3,000,000 will help create infrastructure to expand sales and use of renewable fuels through Blue River Valley LLC’s location in Potwin. This project will consist of the reconstruction of two 2 million liter ethanol storage tanks, charging equipment and site controller. This project is expected to increase the amount of ethanol sold by 238,710,000 gallons per year.


The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) helps rural agricultural producers and small business owners expand their use of wind, solar, geothermal and small hydropower and improve energy efficiency. These innovations help increase their incomes, grow their businesses, tackle climate change and reduce energy costs.

USDA continues to accept REAP applications and will hold funding competitions quarterly through September 30, 2024. The financing includes a special portion for underutilized renewable energy technologies.

The Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) provides grants to owners of fuel stations and distribution facilities, including marine, rail and heating oil facilities, to help increase access to domestic biofuels, a clean and affordable energy source.

USDA will continue to accept HBIIP applications quarterly through September 30, 2024. These grants will support the infrastructure needed to reduce out-of-pocket costs for transportation fuels and distribution facilities to install and upgrade biofuel-related infrastructure, such as pumps, dispensers and storage. tanks.

USDA Rural Development provides loans and grants to expand economic opportunity, create jobs and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans in rural areas. This assistance supports infrastructure improvements; business development; housing; community services such as schools, public safety and health care; and high-speed internet access in rural, tribal and poverty areas. Visit the Rural Data Gateway to see how and where these investments are impacting rural America. To subscribe to USDA Rural Development updates, visit the GovDelivery subscriber page.