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Geelong City Council is asking for feedback on the integration of the South Geelong urban development plan

THE City of Greater Geelong is seeking public feedback on a planning change aimed at reshaping South Geelong.

Adopted in 2022, the South Geelong Urban Design Framework (UDF) sets out a vision to improve public space, architectural design and housing diversity.

It proposes upgrades such as new pedestrian crossings, expanded green areas, additional tree plantings and improved heritage conservation and lighting infrastructure.

Amendment C432ggee is the mechanism through which the council wants to introduce the UDF.

This amendment focuses on legal changes to zoning regulations and overlays within the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme to support the objectives of the UDF.

Mayor Trent Sullivan emphasized the importance of community involvement.

“It is important that those who live, work, visit and move around South Geelong can have their say,” he said.

The amendment proposes to convert areas from general residential, neighborhood and commercial zones to new residential or mixed-use zones.

It also plans to introduce a design and development overlay for Moorabool Street and the Barwon Water site at 40-44 Lonsdale Street.

In addition, heritage, public acquisition and environmental audit overlays are proposed for certain properties.

Councilman Jim Mason encouraged the public to make their voices heard before the May 13 filing deadline.

“We encourage community members who will be affected by Amendment C432ggee to make a submission, whether that is in support, asking for a change or opposing the amendment,” said the Mr Mason.

The feedback collected will be reviewed at an upcoming council meeting and may be forwarded to an independent panel appointed by the Minister for Planning.

Details of how amendment C432ggee will facilitate the integration of the UDF into the local planning scheme by adjusting land zoning and applying new overlays can be viewed online. This will allow residents to understand and influence the transformation that will take place in South Geelong’s urban landscape.