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Modi claims Congress is trying to create Muslim reservations – News Today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains undeterred amid the storm sparked by his recent speech targeting the Muslim community while attacking the Congress. On Tuesday, Modi reiterated his allegations and accused Congress of trying to extend reservation based on religion, specifically to Muslims. He further accused the party of orchestrating a “deep conspiracy” to redistribute wealth among a select group.

Despite criticism suggesting that the BJP may have misquoted former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to support its claims, Modi repeated the allegations at an election rally in Tonk in Rajasthan. He alleged that Congress has historically pursued appeasement and vote bank politics, citing examples of attempts at Muslim reservation in Andhra Pradesh during their tenure.

Modi alleged that soon after coming to power in 2004, the Congress had reduced SC/ST reservation in Andhra Pradesh and tried to allot it to Muslims – a move that was thwarted by legal hurdles and Supreme Court intervention . He alleged that the Congress was persistent in its efforts to implement Muslim retention nationwide, challenging them to openly declare their intentions regarding reservation of Muslims outside the quota for Dalits and tribal communities.

Highlighting the actions of the BJP in Karnataka, Modi stated that his government had abolished the Muslim quota imposed by the Congress government under the reservation for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. He reiterated his position that his recent controversial speech aimed to expose the vote bank and appeasement policies of the Congress, highlighting their alleged agenda of wealth redistribution.

Modi’s comments come amid ongoing controversies and criticism from opposition parties and the public. Despite the backlash, he remains steadfast in his allegations against Congress, viewing the issue as a fight against vote bank politics and a defense of fair distribution of resources.