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Residents are suffering from the persistent urban heat wave

The lack of adequate vegetation and wetlands in Dhaka city has also been raised by other relevant researchers.

According to a study conducted last year by the Bangladesh Institute of Planners, the number of green areas in the city has been reduced to just 7 percent in the past 28 years and the area of ​​wetlands in the city has shrunk to 2.9 percent.

There are trees on an area of ​​29.85 square kilometers in the city, which was 52.48 square kilometers in 1995. Meanwhile, the wetland area has been reduced to 4.28 square kilometers, which was 30.24 square kilometers in 1995. However, an ideal city would have at least 15 percent green areas and 10-12 percent wetlands.

Professor Adilur Rahman from the Urban and Regional Planning Department of Jahangirnagar University said: “Construction of buildings and infrastructure through tree felling has not stopped in Dhaka. The wetlands are also being filled up. So, initiatives should be taken to save what we have, instead of raising voices for planting trees.”