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Banana harvest: low banana harvest due to drought puts B’gavi farmers in a difficult position | Hubballi News

Belagavi: Banana yields in Belagavi have fallen significantly this year due to water scarcity and prevailing drought. Moreover, power outages have further reduced crop yields in the district, causing unrest among farmers who have made substantial investments in cultivation. With restrictions on the use of river water for irrigation, the government has directed HESCOM to supply electricity to the agricultural pump sets for a limited time only. hours per day, although farmers demand three-phase electricity supply for six hours per day. In such a scenario, the farmers are in dire straits as they are also unable to use water from the borewells. Bananas are grown on 773 hectares in Belagavi district, with Yaragatti Taluk alone accounting for 330 hectares – the highest. Long hours of power outages have worsened the farmers’ situation. Not just bananas, but all other crops including betel leaves, sugarcane and vegetables are withering due to a double whammy of drought and power cuts. Prakash, a banana grower in Umarani, said depending on the species, variety and environmental conditions: Banana yield can range from 30 to 150 tonnes per hectare. Mahantesh Murgod, the deputy director of the Horticulture Department, stressed the need to prioritize drinking water supply. “While farmers are supposed to follow drip irrigation, solar pump kits are provided as part of government subsidies,” the official said.

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