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Riyadh hosts a forum on wildlife recovery issues

Rehabilitation involves reintroducing wildlife, wildlife and natural processes to maintain and restore biodiversity. Arab News reports this.

Ahmad Al-Bugh, general director of terrestrial habitat conservation at the National Center for Wildlife, pointed out that Saudi Arabia is not limited to reintroducing wildlife into protected areas during a panel discussion on ‘rehabilitation, recovery and reintroduction’ at the inaugural Hima protected areas. area’s forum, which was held in Riyadh from April 21 to 24. Within the limits of their geographic range, specialists work to return locally endangered species to their natural habitats throughout the kingdom.

Head of NEOM Nature Reserve, Paul Marshall, described some of the measures NEOM is taking to ensure the success of the program, adding that greening has numerous benefits for our arid ecosystems, the most important of which are ecological benefits. Marshall does point out that there are certain ecological concerns associated with greening, such as the possibility of a mismatch between reintroduced and native species.

Robert Muir, technical advisor for protected area operations at the National Center for Wildlife, provided advice on how to ensure wildlife recovery efforts are successful. He mentioned animal protection as one of these measures, ensuring that the locations to which wild animals are moved are adequately protected. Due attention should be paid to the dangers causing habitat and wildlife degradation, as well as to the threats themselves.

Regarding the Kingdom’s efforts, Marshall emphasized Saudi Arabia’s progressive stance. According to him, it sets the standard for social and economic change. The company’s commitment to protecting the environment is equally remarkable and serves as a role model for generations to come. To ensure sustainable development, the kingdom is strengthening its environmental conservation initiatives in all its reserves.

The Hima Forum was organized by the National Center for Wildlife to discuss Saudi Arabia’s efforts to protect wildlife and natural areas. Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli, the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture and chairman of the center’s board of directors, officially launched it on Sunday.

In an effort to save the environment for future generations, the National Center has focused on wildlife and marine habitats since it opened in 2019.