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Bangor is one of the cities with the cleanest air

A new air pollution assessment by the American Lung Association names Bangor as one of the cleanest cities in the country.

The Lung Association’s 25th annual ‘State of the Air’ report, based on 2020-2022 data, notes that Bangor records low levels of ozone air pollution, year-round particulate pollution and short-term particulate pollution. The metropolitan area has been among the cleanest cities in terms of ozone for seven years in a row, and in terms of daily measurement of particulate pollution for the past fifteen years.

The report shows that the Portland-Lewiston region showed positive results in particulate pollution in the short term, but ozone pollution actually worsened. Still, the metro area’s year-round reading has set a new all-time best, putting it among the 25 cleanest in the country.