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Cities Skylines 2 Update 1.1.2f1 Patch Notes

Cities Skylines 2 update 1.1.2f1 is rolling out on PC and Microsoft Store. According to the official Cities Skylines 2 1.1.2f1 patch notesThe latest update introduces Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution support, pathfinding optimizations, UI improvements and bug fixes. In addition, Cities Skylines 2 patch 1.1.2f1 also fixes several crashes.

Recently one Cities Skylines 2 ver. 1.0.14f1 new changes and fixes added. Unfortunately, players still face problems when trying to play the game. The current Cities Skylines 2 patch 1.1.2f1 will fix some of these issues.

Read more details below.

Cities Skylines 2 Update 1.1.2f1 Patch Notes – April 25, 2024

Cities Skylines 2 patch 1.1.1f1 Notes
Cities Skylines 2 patch 1.1.2f1 Notes


  • Added Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution support
  • Some pathfinding optimizations to reduce simulation delay
  • UI optimizations
  • Optimizations to reduce frame peaks

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Mod options are sorted alphabetically instead of randomly
  • Made the color of the bus stop and the mailbox in infoview the same as the color of the icon
  • Citizens are more likely to use taxis from external connections when moving around the city
  • Automatically pause and display all open legal documents when you continue the last game from the launcher
  • Fixed crash to desktop occurring after starting a new game on Custom Map from Editor using ‘Placeholder Surface’
  • Fixed desktop crash occurring after placing a truck from the “Add Object” menu in developer mode
  • Fixed crash to desktop after loading save with broken path-road connections
  • Fixed crash to desktop after loading Landfill plot map created in Editor
  • Fixed cartography feat
  • Fixed an issue with the expedition issue that could cause service vehicles to have difficulty reaching certain goals in certain cases. Affects waste collection, post office boxes (in front of buildings), police patrols and road maintenance.
  • Regular patient teleports to ambulance if the parking lot is close to their location
  • Fixed an issue where a road tool clipped to an existing road could randomly end up in an incorrect position
  • Fixed zone alignment being broken at bulldozer stops or mailboxes when different sized roads are connected
  • Fixed duplicated city service maintenance items on upgraded buildings
  • Fixed trains getting stuck in the yard when multiple trains are spawning and arriving at the same time.
  • A permanent feature of the hydroelectric power plant remains on the map after it was bulldozed
  • Fixed the tutorial task list not being reset when selecting “Reset Tutorials” from the gameplay options.
  • Fixed the tutorial’s center card height limit to avoid overlapping with the bottom toolbar
  • Fixed a missing color of destroyed buildings in the disaster relief information display
  • Fixed service coverage showing some frames completely red when infoview is activated for the first time after loading, saving (in paused mode or shortly after loading)
  • Fixed line color changes not being visible when a cursor moves over them.
  • Fixed the Firekeeper Tower incorrectly displaying its range when hovering over the building
  • Fixed tooltips for mouse tool options not supporting handling a larger number of options or smaller resolutions/UI scaling
  • Fixed interface/panel transparency for non-standard UI styles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving after renaming using controller and virtual keyboard
  • The thumbnail image of menu notifications now maintains its aspect ratio and covers the square space with clipped overflow content
  • Various solutions for the screen resolution
  • Multiple text corrections
  • Controller solutions:
    • All photo mode panel properties can be reset
    • Added reset property and capture keyframe action for controller
    • Revamped controller navigation and focus styles for a more intuitive and streamlined UX
    • Disabled Editor inspection items can be targeted to resolve situations where some fields cannot be viewed or scrolled to with a controller.
    • Fixed draggable value not updating the input label in the photo mode panel
    • Fixed a null reference when resetting a property that did not have a reset callback
    • Fixed issue with controller navigation in Editor Preview/Thumbnail Picker, Save Map Panel, and Add Component Menu. Item selectors no longer select items by default when focused.
    • Fixed the preview not updating with different tools when using the controller to select assets
    • Fixed controller action hints overlapping main menu subscreens
    • Fixed the Editor’s bottom bar sliders not being usable with the controller
    • Fixed the item selector footer slider not being usable with the controller
    • Fixed an issue that caused the controller sliders to be inverted if the slider’s start value was higher than its end value
  • Added missing QLOC team names to the credits


  • Added wind editing for maps
  • Added paradox maker profile bindings
  • Display the user avatar in the Paradox panel
  • Added notification about mod loading status
  • Added support for text field input for numeric fields for mouse brush options
  • Added display tool options for bulldozer tool
  • Added notification if a mod cannot be loaded. Clicking on it will reveal details with the option to open a mod page on Paradox Mods or disable a failed mod.
  • Added ‘builtIn’ property to settings pages
  • Added missing attributes to options in the Modding Settings tab
  • Added folder selector
  • Added folder selector to modify toolchain dependencies to select installation path
  • Added directory browser bindings to OptionsUISystem
  • Fixed water simulation speed now resets when closing the Editor water panel
  • Fixed modding toolchain sections of text/icons not being readable with scaled text
  • Fixed an issue where searching for components or folders did not return all results, minor refactorings and optimizations
  • Fixed brush options not being reset between Editor and in-game
  • Fixed an issue where the Editor tool options were sometimes not displayed before the next UI action
  • Fixed a visible locomotive ID in the save game map name if the custom map used on save is removed
  • Controller fixes and improvements
    • Editor tool options have been moved to the footer of the inspector and can be used with the controller
    • Added controller action tips to the Editor
    • Limited controller navigation to Editor panel when active,
    • Several minor improvements to the Editor controller navigation
  • Various improvements to the user interface
  • Map upload: Disable the ‘Send’ button when the Internet connection is lost or the user is unexpectedly logged out
  • Map upload: Disable the ‘Submit’ button after a successful upload to prevent the same map from being uploaded multiple times

Paradox mods

  • Paradox SDK updated to version 1.19
  • Paradox Mods updated to version 1.4.1
  • New functions
    • Addition of creator profiles and your profile view
    • Ability to follow creators
    • Pressing Escape can now close the Mods UI
    • Addition of Ko-fi, Buy me a coffee, Crowdin as external links
    • PageUp, PageDown, Home and End can be used to scroll in different views
    • Mouse buttons 4 and 5 (thumb buttons) can now be used for back and forward navigation
    • The author can now be clicked when browsing mods
    • Mod ID is now visible in Mod Info and can be copied as well as copy the full link of the mod
    • Left and right arrows can now be used to navigate the gallery based on mod details
    • Input text fields are now automatically focused
    • If you go back from the mod details, you will now scroll down to where you were before
    • Ability to remove a mod from all playsets in the library
  • General improvements
    • Increased scroll speed
    • Redesigned information box with mod details
    • The thumbnail is now visible under mod details
    • Reordered icons when browsing mods
    • Clarified text in the library to also mention how many mods are in the active playset
    • Clarified text on an empty, inactive playset
    • Modals have been slightly redesigned
    • If you don’t retrieve the discussion, it will just show a toast instead of an error modal
    • Updated translations in some places
    • Redesigned spotlight in Featured to be smaller
    • Browse now has 5 mods in a row on PC, instead of 4
    • Mod version is now used instead of numeric version (if it exists)
    • Featured mods can now be subscribed and likes will appear
    • Clarified text about recommended mods ‘View all’ button
    • Last updated now shows in mod info
    • The created timestamp is now shown in mod info
  • Bug fixes
    • User-deleted mods are now correctly shown as deleted
    • Fixed some crashes in offline mode
    • Fixed an issue where the search field would flicker when switching to and from Browse view
    • Fixed an issue where scrolling back in Browse would not center on the previously clicked mod
    • Fixed issue with text in the library not overflowing too much in some languages

Download Cities Skylines 2 update 1.1.2f1 for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.