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The new terminal building of Pune Airport will be operational soon

After four thorough inspections by senior BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) officials of the Mumbai division and discussions with the director of Pune Airport, permission was finally granted.

To accommodate the additional security requirements, the new, much larger terminal will expand from 450 CISF officers to 780. There is likely to be a significant increase in both the number of passengers and the number of flights from the new terminal. The purpose of expanding CISF personnel is to enable more efficient security and check-in procedures. The airlines’ offices have received instructions from the airport administration to prepare an evacuation.

The new terminal aims to bring the airport to international standards by providing better facilities and services, in addition to solving the pressing problem of congestion and overcrowding at the current terminal. The old terminal will no longer accept passengers when the new one opens.

Passengers experienced several problems in the previous terminal due to lack of space, ranging from problems obtaining clean water to problems with check-in. There is great potential for improving the overall travel experience and expanding the airport’s capabilities with the opening of a new terminal at Pune Airport.

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